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Happy Spring – NOT!

Seriously it has got to be any day now though, right?! We usually have our annual Easter egg hunt around this time, usually the Friday before Easter, but this year we’ll plan on the 28th Thursday next week even though it is probably going to be cold and still snow on the ground 🙁 The plan will be to do it after daycare or if you guys could plan to be here a little early like around 4:15 it is super fun to watch the kids and they love having mom and or dad here to hunt for eggs with 🙂

Our bees and butterfly curriculum has been super fun! Lots of cool new art projects and fun songs to sing. Next months theme is Cowboys, Dunes and Deserts.

We have also started working on our songs for this years performance, I kind of asked the kids to keep the songs a secret so if they aren’t sharing with you don’t worry. Chances are you’ll hear them singing and practicing at home still. I think we should try and pick a date for our performance, it is so hard to get a date thats works for everyone so if you have any idea of days that you’ll be gone in June or maybe we could even do it in late May? Yeah maybe late May, how about Fri. the 31st of May? I want to make sure all our kiddos can be here for it 🙂

We have 2 new friends ready to join our group for next year! Well actually one friend, Bennet, will be joining us sooner than later. His first day will be April 9th. He is in a center daycare right now and instead of having him transition into a new toddler room we thought it would be best for him to transition into his daycare for next year. His mom’s name is Brooke and she is a teacher with Danielle, Corbin’s mom. So Corbin and Bennet are already super duper buds! Bennet is going to be an awesome addition to our daycare family and I can’t wait for you all to meet him! Our other friend is Alex and he will possibly be around a day here and there this summer but full time at end of Aug/Sept. His sister Aubrey will also be here in the mornings before school, she will be starting kindergarten at Prairie View.

We have had many talks lately about including our friends in play and games, also ways to be a “good friend”. We tried doing some role play this week and have contiued reading books and reiterating the same ideas and concepts we have always used, kind words, making sure we listen to our friends words and take appropriate action, waiting turns etc. Always helpful to have these talks at home too. Personally I believe these kids are just tired of winter and need to be outside, they’re going stir crazy 😉

On Monday the 25th could you guys be here by 4:20 for pick up? We have an appt to get to just in EP at 4:30.
Eden Prairie is on spring break the first week in April and we will be gone that Mon and Tues, but back on Wed.
Might try to work out a field trip for that Friday if there are any helpers available or I can get Papa Paul to help too 🙂

I think thats all for now, hope everyone is having as good of week as they can with this lovely weather!

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