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Author Archives: Amy Svoboda

Bubbles, Boats, and Floats

Hey Parents! Hope everyone had a lovely Mama’s Day! It was fun to hear the special things the kids did at home for mom and their thoughts on why it is such a special day 🙂 Tomorrow is suppose to be 90 degrees baby!! We will totally be having a sprinkler/water day! Please lather up […]

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Happy Spring – NOT!

Seriously it has got to be any day now though, right?! We usually have our annual Easter egg hunt around this time, usually the Friday before Easter, but this year we’ll plan on the 28th Thursday next week even though it is probably going to be cold and still snow on the ground 🙁 The […]

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Hiding Avocados

Hola Padres! We had a great week talking about sports and different activities for exercise. The biggest hit of the week was definitely when we talked about races and set up our own race with and without partners. That was Tuesday and they have asked to do races everyday since! I asked them to set […]

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