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Bubbles, Boats, and Floats

Hey Parents!

Hope everyone had a lovely Mama’s Day! It was fun to hear the special things the kids did at home for mom and their thoughts on why it is such a special day 🙂

Tomorrow is suppose to be 90 degrees baby!! We will totally be having a sprinkler/water day! Please lather up your kids w/ sunscreen right away in the morning and I’ll put more on in the afternoon also send swimsuits, towels, flip flops or anything else they think they need for a fun water day!!
We bought water balloons yesterday and in an attempt to fill them up this morning caused a huge water leak so we will be foregoing that portion of water day 🙁

Our circle time this month is Bubbles, boats and floats so no doubt there will be some bubble blowing and what floats and doesn’t experimenting going on! Oh another fun thing if you have any at home to bring is a spray bottle. I usually buy a bunch at this time of year, but haven’t yet. Maybe Jamie and I will pick some up while Naria is in dance tonight.

Just a heads up James’s siblings will be here tonight and in the morning, they are flying out around 10 I think.

Also want to give a reminder that daycare is closed on Friday, May 17th. I will be going w/ Naria on her class field trip to Murphy’s Landing!

Have a great week everyone!

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