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Hiding Avocados

Hola Padres!

We had a great week talking about sports and different activities for exercise. The biggest hit of the week was definitely when we talked about races and set up our own race with and without partners. That was Tuesday and they have asked to do races everyday since! I asked them to set up races at home with siblings and moms and dads, has anyone tried it? We would hop on 1 foot, do inch worm, crab walk, bear crawl, snake slither, frog jumps, jumping jacks, and of course running.

We got some super funny reactions from Corbin at circle time when we asked him what kind of ball he likes to play with and how he throws a ball, ask the kids it was hilarious! He loves to sit with the big kids at circle time and he is totally soaking in all the conversations and songs. We have even heard the beginnings of ABC’s and counting… very exciting! Cara also loves sitting with everyone at circle time and story time ( when she is awake ). It is so fun and interesting to watch how engrossed the little babes are with the big kids

The writing/working skills have been awesome in these kids, they are really getting used to sitting at the table and doing they’re “work” all the way through without extra instruction and reminding from me which is very impressive, I am super proud!! Big kudos to Raina for really concentrating and focusing to get her work done, the focus has improved so much over last couple months!

I tried a couple new ways to hide avocado this week. First I chopped em up and tossed them in a salad, all was fine til someone spilled the beans that there was avocado in the salad :-/ Then I mashed it up and mixed it with ranch. They did not believe me that there was not avocado in the salad and I promised that there was not any “chunks” of avocado 😉 They all ate it though, maybe a little suspiciously, but I think it worked! Another day I made this awesome rice dish and added chopped up mushrooms, there was also diced chicken sausage in it so the mushrooms kinda looked like the sausage. Nobody noticed til Collin said” I always chew mushrooms on the side of my mouth so I don’t taste them” LOL! The look on the faces of some of these kids when they find out I have hidden veggies they don’t like in their food is just a look of devastation! Today was kids cook day, they got to make their own sandwiches and pick and cut veggies, cucs and tomatoes, easy peasy 🙂

Super looking forward to our next curriculum, Bees and Butterflies, getting ready for spring, Yay! We are also talking about our singing performance at the beginning of summer and what songs to choose. They keep suggesting songs we did last year. Looking for some new fun songs though, let me know if you have any suggestions or favorite ( kid friendly ) songs your child likes to sing at home.

We have had some toys break the last couple weeks from not being played with nicely and stepping on them. If you guys could have a conversation about being respectful with the toys that would be helpful, Thank you!

I am looking forward to a half day training session in a couple weeks where I will hopefully get some new ideas for dramatic play, helping to teach respect, learning about “normal behavior” in kids and some stress busters for me;) Any good ideas I get I will be sure to pass along:) Might even get some new song ideas too!

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